with the dawn of e-commerce business, we need legal assistance that we can access anytime from anywhere. creating employment contracts, trade terms, and resolving constant disputes during our day to day commercial trading will require a consultation with a legal expert. and to find such service's the old way is time consuming. besides, If you are a startup looking for a legal consultation for your business, or an already established organization, Enterprise or large company setting up a meeting with a lawyer will be costly. luckily, there is our legal consultant service's that will help you all the way through your paperwork to your final set up of your organization or final step to your legal management issue's. Let's talk about this!

  • Drafting Contracts & Agreements including
    1. Job contracts (Permanent and Temporary)
    2. Contracts for service providers
    3. Contracts of administrative services suppliers
    4. Contracts with customers
    5. Contracts with IT organizations
    6. All types of contracts for agreements
    7. Memoranda of Understanding and Cooperation Protocols
    8. Confidential contracts and non-disclosure agreements
  • Litigation & Investigation
  • Compliance Services
  • Legal Consultations
  • Residence & work permits
  • General Assembly & Board of Directors
  • Intellectual property
  • Merger and Acquisition Transactions
  • Companies Establishment & Amendments
  • Execution & Debts collection
  • Legal Translation