At Gates Business Solutions we make sure you find the most comprehensive, optimal, and Custom solutions to help your organization overcome any problem, develop and grow.


Growth Plans

We help you create and implement an on-going strategy that will have direct return on investment by Creating the most suitable and efficient growth plan for your business to operate efficiently and grow reliably, business growth strategies is a roadmap for growing and developing your business.


IT Services and Solutions

We always seek professional IT solutions through our technical experts to manage and implement systems, websites, and Mobile applications. We monitor and manage your IT infrastructure, with full support to your users.


Customer Satisfaction

Evaluating your customers satisfaction through our mystery shopper service, social media surveys, smart phone surveys; to assure delivering the best service for your customers and customer’s needs, to assure the growth of your business.


Legal Consultations

Through our partnership with one of the most reliable law firm in Jordan we provide our customers with the most comprehensive legal advices and services in all legal fields


Marketing and Social Media

Our social media and marketing team can bring remarkable success to your business, our solutions are customized to address your needs and are designed to maximize your ability to communicate with your target audience through social media websites, ads, events, and designs to ensure your content gets the coverage it deserves.


Customer Support Solutions

We support companies in the development of their activities by providing a high-level service to their own customers through a wide range of perfectly harmonized delivery adapting their ideology of customer service.


Payment Gateway and Collections Solutions

Empowers business and companies to manage major function of their business more effectively by allowing them to quickly manage and track all their financial transactions, to increase efficiency and profitably with a payment solution that provides all the needed functions.


HR Services and Consultations

Our HR expertise will be able to assist you during your employment project, organizational structures creation and internal policies and procedures to build high-preforming executive teams and developing leaders by enhancing HR operations leading to business growth

IT Systems Solutions (ERP)

IT Systems Solutions (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources

SMS Integration

SMS Integration

SMS integration is simply connecting an external SMS interface into your existing infrastructure, to enable a whole and smooth pass-over of commands and responses from your service to the interface and back for sending and receiving of SMS anywhere in the world

It traning

IT Traning

In the experience of our trainers at our IT Training Academy, businesses gain the greatest benefit from custom-designed IT training courses. We are therefore skilled in developing tailored materials and user manuals for our IT training activities. After successfully completing such courses, participants are given their own personalized training certificates



Gate e-Commerce allows users to manage and classify their products while monitoring orders through statistical reports and management tools, and manage registered members via custom classifications. Accepted payment for the end user includes the most popular online methods such as VISA and PayPal as well as the ability to set Transaction options such as Cash on Delivery, resulting in a highly adaptable and flexible solution as an online payment gateway.

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About Us

Gates Business Solutions is a Jordanian company concerned in providing National and International companies with solutions to assist in improving their business endeavors.


Our Mission

We at Gates Business Solutions Individualized creative solution for all types of business by creating a specifically tailored solutions to address the needs and concerns of our clients. providing services and solutions that assist our customers to operate efficiently and profitably.


Our Vision

Our vision in Gates Business Solutions is to always create innovative solutions. All of our solutions are based on customer satisfaction studies in the operational field of the organization. Our business development and customer-oriented research for development departments will offer your organization the best solutions and customized packages for development in all fields of operation.

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